Pengelompokan Provinsi di Indonesia Menggunakan Algoritma Partitioning Around Medoids (PAM) Terhadap Indikator Pembentuk Indeks Pembangunan Manusia (IPM) Tahun 2020

Reni Anggraini, Sri Subanti, Sri Sulistijowati Handajani


The human development index is an indicator that can convert, human development and become a country's measure. Bank Indonesia the central bank/bi's decision to raise its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points to 8.25 percent would be lower than the previous quarter of this year, he said. The algontma to be used on this research is partitioning Around medoids The algorithm partitioning around medoids is done by sifting through data Which is analyzed into the cluster-clusters that exist. The data used in mni suppresses the ipm phasing indicator, which is the biologic age. The rupiah's current exchange rate against rp9,100 per dollar in the Jakarta interbank spot market on Tuesday afternoon strengthened to rp9,310/9,329 per dollar in the Jakarta interbank spot market on Tuesday. The result of a 34 proxies grouping in Indonesia is based on indicators of human development in 2020, at two optimum clusters, In the first half of 2007, the company's total assets in the first quarter of 2007 fell to rp2.1 trillion from rp2.1 trillion in the same period last year


Economics; development index; partitioning around medoids

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