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The bureaucracy that occurred in Indonesia was basically designed as a rational bureaucracy with a structural-hierarchical (weberian tradition) approach. Bureaucracy controls many aspects of people's lives. Starting from the matter of birth, marriage, business licensing to the affairs of death, the public cannot avoid birorkasi. The dependence of the community itself on the bureaucracy is still very large. What is said by Max Weber, that the ideal bureaucracy is based on the relationship between the authority to place and appoint subordinate employees by determining the duties and obligations of each and the orders carried out in writing, arrangement and promotion of personnel based on certain rules. (2011: 5.1)

            The government must continue to change the form of services that are still traditional to E-office. Electronic office is an office application that changes manual-based administrative processes to electronic-based processes by utilizing local network facilities (LAN). The E-office or electronic office concept that is applied must be able to be analyzed based on the availability of data and information. This paper is intended to provide an overview of the role of bureaucracy in innovation / service changes to facilitate shortening the flow of work and services, and information for the community to realize smart in public services (realizing the concept of digital services) through the development of technological innovation. and others.


service, bureaucracy, E-office, and good governance

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