Keunggulan Kompetitif Spesial sebagai Strategi Keberlanjutan UKM di Era New Normal

Aramia Fahriyah, Rochland Yoseph


In the current pandemic era, the challenges are increasingly heavier. The community is directed to live side by side with a pandemic, which is leading a New Normal life. It needs to be anticipated and dealt with, to prevent the business from going down even need to strengthen the business foundation. The SME business has a very strategic role in the Indonesian economy. Where when the national economy fades, SMEs do have the opportunity to save the deterioration of the national economy. The limitations are still owned by the SMEs, such as product quality, limited capital, network marketing, and so on. One solution is to strengthen special competitive advantages. Competitive advantage is to provide more value to customers and produce profits above the average. A conducive environment for SMEs is needed, ensuring optimal collaboration with stakeholders in government, diverse business entities, and the world of education. Collaboration is directed to think strategically in creating competitive advantage, namely how to compete to be the best, to compete for uniqueness. SMEs must also focus on the level of integrity of their business units. All competitive advantages are in the optimized value chain through the application of excellent value chain management. So SMEs can be directed to have superior performance through the application of the principles of effective supply chain management operations and appropriate strategic positioning in the value chain in order to have special competitive advantages in order to survive and even lead in these pandemic crisis conditions.


competitive advantage, strategy value chain, new normal, supply chain management

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