Cukai Karbon Untuk Pembangunan Berkelanjutan Berwawasan Lingkungan Di Indonesia

Meru Indra Kurnia Jati


Climate change is a complex crisis currently faced by every nation. Most of them have agreed to overcome the global warming crisis by signing the Paris Agreement which aims to prevent the increase in Earth’s average temperature by more than 2°C and try to limit it to below 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Indonesia has ratified the Paris Agreement by issuing Law No. 16 year 2016. One important issue in achieving these goals is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide. In tackling the climate change crisis, economic instruments are effective instruments that can be applied to limit carbon gas emissions. One such economic instrument is the implementation of carbon tax. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that has a lot to play in the climate change crisis, therefore it becomes an exciseable item due to the negative impacts. The implementation of carbon tax will reduce high carbon consumption by the community and encourage the private sector to find low carbon-production alternatice. In addition, the Government can use the carbon tax to fund environmentally sustainable development to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement.


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