Ketangkasan Kepemimpinan dan Kasus Akuntansi dalam Kemampuan Kepemimpinan

Taufan Maulamin, Sangap Tua Ritonga, Avi Wulandari, D Albert Naibaho, Agus Romdoni, Feybe Brigite Imbar, Triadi Wijaya Syahrir


In the industrial revolution of 4.0, it focused on digital economic patterns, big data, robotic, and automation, which affected the fields of management, finance, and business as well as accounting, accountants were required to prepare for that era by self - sustaining the latest information technology and the ability to analyze financial reports. This research paper aims to examine leadership agility and accounting cases in leadership abilities.

Based on the results of this research paper, it is hoped that the infommatics (it) technology can use big cloud-based data as storage and management of artificial information systems (sia) that can help reduce human error, improve effectiveness and efficiency and accuracy of the information information accumulated accumulated data. Thus, the need for human resources (human resources) such as accounting services (kja) and the public accounting offices (kap) would get fewer and fewer jobs. In this context, especially those running the accounting profession must continue to update their knowledge and knowledge primarily on the standardized accounting (psak), itenational accounting standard board (iasb) and intersections financial inequality that become global bank for Creating financial statements for accounting for government small medium micro business (umkm); Sharia, etap (an entity without public accountability) anda standard-based financial accounting testimony (psak).


Leadership; Ability; Nifty; Information technology, accounting: big data

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