Agung Surya Dwianto, Pupung Purnamasari, Darka Darka, Rustomo Rustomo


Employee engagement is an effort to build aspects related to overall human resource management. Because if aspects of human resources are not dealt with appropriately, then it can be ascertained the relationship of employees to a job is at a low level. For this reason, a serious effort is needed from the management to manage this. If the employee already feels related / involved in the process of a job, the success of the objectives of the programs launched by the organization / company tends to be successful, this is because they already have business awareness. In the sense that they (employees) have a great enthusiasm for work, sometimes even far beyond the main tasks contained in their main tasks and functions. So that it can be said that employee engagement has an effect on increasing the professionalism and performance of a company. This paper examines the efforts made by the management of PT. Pos Indonesia (Persero) in order to improve its performance through employee engagement.


Employee engagement, Corporate Performance

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