Suci Ingrid Daniati, Reni Sri Marliani


Competence is a requirement for the State Civil Apparatus as a profession according to their fields, this is regulated in Law No. 5 of 2014 concerning the State Civil Apparatus (ASN). Competency development can be carried out in the form of education and / or training. With the enactment of Law No. 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government, the authority to carry out metrological activities which were originally carried out by the Province turned to Kabutapen / Kota. In line with the delegation of metrological activities, the changes in metrological training curricula are not only a form of adaptation to fulfill the demand for quantity of HR personnel, but also as a form of adjustment to the needs of fulfilling HR competence in legal metrology.

          The curriculum design for metrological training adapted the competency-based training system and carried out using the ADDIE method combined with competency-based training development methods from Dan Hill. This design resulted in a curriculum design that was very different from the previous training, in addition to succeeding in reducing the learning time which originated from 800 jp to 440 jp also managed to design learning with a more varied method. The learning method combines face-to-face online learning (Blended Learning) and to guarantee the quality of learning outcomes each subject is taught in team teaching.

          The implementation has been carried out by testing this system in three levels of metrological functional training in 2018. The evaluation results showed that the program quality was assessed by respondents (116 people) which was very satisfactory, that is, an average of 4.15 on the Likert scale and the quality of learning from the average average of 4.45 or very satisfying. All training students are declared graduated and competent. It can be concluded that this competency-based training system succeeded in printing competent penners with shorter learning times.


competence, ADDIE method, competency-based training

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