Implementation of Period Order Quantity (POQ) Method to Minimize Material Inventory Costs of 5/8in X 90mm Stud Bolts at PT. ZTH Kasim

Joriesto Latuharhary


Inventory control is one of the important factors to ensure that a material or item does not experience excess or deficiency, this is very important because if there is a deficiency it can hinder the operational process of a company, on the other hand, if there is an excess it will cause a loss in the cost factor. So that the Supply Control factor must be really considered. At PT. ZTH Kasim has paid attention to this inventory control factor but does not take into account the costs incurred, this causes inventory control to be carried out uneconomical, so the authors try to compare it with the POQ method, where this method can properly regulate when to order what amount ordered and can save costs for controlling the provision of stud bolts 5/8 IN X 90 MM of Rp.32,920 in 2020. Because POQ is more efficient, forecasting material needs in 2021 is carried out and Inventory Control is carried out for stud bolts 5/8 IN X 90 MMs so that the order frequency is 2.4 times and the number ordered is 129 units so that it is obtained at a cost. inventory control of Rp.185,549.


Pengendalian Persediaan, Stud bolts 5/8 IN X 90 MM, POQ


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