Container Depo as A Renewable Business by Limited Company

Zaizafun Sabrina Thalia Bilqis


EExport and import of goods is an activity that must be carried out by all countries for economic and political interests. Container depots have an important role in economic activities, especially in export and import activities in facilitating the flow of containers and goods transport traffic. In the shipping world, container management is usually carried out by a third party, where the third party is specifically engaged in container management. This container depot company provides water content storage services equipped with a maintenance and repair process for these containers. This container depot can be used as a pretty convincing business idea. With the wide and many ports in Indonesia, as well as the high import-export activities, the need for container depots (along with their maintenance and storage) will greatly increase.


Peti Kemas, Depo Peti Kemas, Supply Chain Management, Maintenance, Ekspor Impor


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