Inventory and Sales Information System Design on Clothing Store (Case Study: X Fashion, Jakarta)

Yulia Rosa, Marsellinus Bachtiar Wahju


The progress of time continually accompanied by the development of technology. It leads to the competition among industries that require them to have superiority to attract more consumers. X Fashion is one of the fashion industries which sells various apparel products for people in the sale of large or small scale. The business processes of X Fashion is procuring products, managing inventory, sales, and managing finance. A lot of variations and number of products in the store are not in balance with a good management because all forms of recording are done manually. It causes potential error so that the information disseminated is inaccurate. Based on this consideration, a research is conducted as inventory and sales information system design on X Fashion clothing store to identify business process also to design an inventory and sales information system on X Fashion clothing store. The method used is Systems Development Life Cycle which consists of systematic steps for developing, designing, and maintaining the system to meet the needs of users, including supervision, recording, and reporting. Information system is designed to provide stock data, expense, and income reports automatically. Testing of the system includes system testing, function testing, learnability, logic testing, memorability, and measurement of satisfaction. Based on the test results, the information system was stated feasible and can be used to support business processes on X Fashion clothing store. Suggestions for further research on information system design are development of system design in order to be compatible on smartphone, also an addition of brief information on every control or using user guide in order to describe system function

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