Analisis Pemanfaatan Pseudonym Account Sebagai Media Pemasaran Digital Guna Menarik Minat Konsumen (Study Pemanfaatan Akun Twitter @caratsmarket Dalam Penjualan Produk Boy Group Seventeen)

Nova Auliatul Faizah, Syahrul Reza


Pseudonym accounts on social media are a means of entertainment for users, especially on the Twitter platform which involves followers. However, unlike pseudonym accounts in general, the Twitter user @caratsmarket uses their account for the purpose of buying and selling goods. This study aims to find out and examine more deeplyof the use of pseudonym account @caratsmarket as digital marketing media to attract consumer interest. The method used is a qualitative method with data collection through documentation, observation and interviews. The data obtained were analyzed using the theory of Used and Gratification by Blumler, Katz and Gurevitch (1974) with a model of data analysis techniques from Miles and Huberman. The results showed that consumer buying interest in searching for products related to Boy Group Seventeen through the pseudonym account as marketing media was in accordance with the AIDA concept which had four stages, namely product introduction, information search, product evaluation, and consumer buying interest. All these aspects are fully owned by the pseudonym account @caratsmarket. The conclusion is that the use of pseudonym accounts as a marketing medium is very effective in attracting consumer buying interest.


Digital Marketing, Pseudonym, Interest, Consumers

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