Dana Kristian, Abdul Gofur


SMEs in Pademangan North Jakarta have a huge sales in culinary along the road of Pademangan IV, Pademangan North Jakarta. SMEsin Pademnagan North Jakarta are enterprises in culinary with focus in food and beverage processing, theses SMEs in Pademangan North Jakarta offers beverages and food with different wide range of products, and distinctive taste, delicious and enjoyable. These SMEs in Pademangan North Jakarta should be ready to compete with culinary products in other areas, so the SMEs in Pademangan North Jakarta should be more careful in designing their marketing strategies in order to attract consumer’s interest. One way in order to grab the market shares is by winning the custumers as many as possible. The enterpreneurs will be succesful in winning the customers in huge number if they are considered to able to provide satisfaction for the customers. The research method is quantitive descriptive analysis. Population in this research is those who own SMEs in Pademangan North Jakarta. Using the theory of Haier with total number of samples 135 SMEs. There is a partial significant influence between creativity toward the success of the business. This is indicated from the result of Tcount 20,708 > value of Ttable 1.656 then the Ho1 is rejected and Ha1 is accepted. There is a significant influence between innovation of the products toward the success of the business. Partial significant in SMES in Padengan North Jakarta this is due to value of Tcount > Ttable 3,07.This has proven that HO3 is rejected and Ha3 is accepted. Meaning thatthere is the influence of creativity and innovation of the products simultaneously toward the success of the business significantly in SMEs in Pademangan North Jakarta. This research has examined 80,9% and the remaining 19,1% was not examined in this research.


Creativity, Product Innovation, BusinessSucess

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